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The Observer

The Observer [21-03-2004]


No, this recording doesn't sound anything like we probably expect a Welsh language CD to sound. No massed choirs, no harps, no druids. Dim Gair ('Speechless') is the rockish solo debut of Elin Fflur, a young, shapely singer-songwriter with carefully blonded hair and long, pale legs - all displayed on the cover. For most of this year, it's topped the chart on Radio Cymru's youth-oriented evening show, C2.

It's on Sain (translation 'sound', and pronunciation 'sign'), a label founded in 1969 by men with big hair, as a home for Welsh politico-hippy rock and folk. It's where Bryn Terfel and Catatonia and Aled Jones first recorded. Until recently, it was run by Plaid Cymru President Dafydd Iwan. Now its Prif Weithredwr (Chief Executive) is Dafydd Roberts. "Elin has broad appeal" says Roberts, a Welsh rocker who was in a band with Elin's mum, "and a strong presence on stage".

An Anglesey girl, Elin first sang in public at three, at an Eisteddfod. "Now I'm 19 and doing my own songs". She's taken a year off from her Criminology degree and moved South to Cardiff.

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